IntelliWatt offers full service, turn-key renewable energy plants. Our process is patented and is a proven process. It has been endorsed by the United States Department of Energy.

IntelliWatt Renewable Energy Plants

IntelliWatt offers a full, turn-key renewable energy plant.

-utilizes biomass, municipal waste, sludge, and agricultural products as a renewable energy fuel source

-available in 10-12 megawatt modules;

-each module handles up to 380 tons of biomass per day (per module)

Turn-key renewable energy plants

IntelliWatt offers a state-of-the art biomass conversion process. It will convert biomass materials, and agriculture debris; leaving the prepared biomass (renewable energy) to be converted to electricity.

State of the art biomass conversion processor

IntelliWatt provides full consulting services including:

-site engineering

-feasibility studies

-environmental services

-waste management consulting services


-operations management


IntelliWatt’s renewable energy plants are classified as a Tier 1 energy plant. Our operations exceed U.S., Europe, and Kyoto standards and qualify for carbon credits.

Optionally, each module has a heat-steam recovery unit that can provide steam as heat or potable water.

Tier 1 Electricity Producer

biomass renewable energy

Intelliwatt renewable energy

providing sustainable renewable energy systems